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Below you will find links to where our project has been mentioned in the press (both in Danish and English).


Due to the success of our project, it was highlighted in the European Commission's website for projects and results. You can read the interview at the website Community Research and Development Information Service

Results from Britt's presentation on colon cancer at the European Congress on Obesity have been widely reported in the press. Her results were featured in stories from America, Australia, Portugal (in Portuguese) and many other countries.

Results from the paper "Childhood body mass index and development of type 2 diabetes throughout adult life-A large-scale danish cohort study" have been highlighted by (in Danish).

Results from Julie's work on endometrial cancer was highlighted in the monthly newsletter of the Julian Marie Centre at Rigshospitalet (in Danish).


Results from Britt and Line's presentations in Gothenberg were discussed in the New York Times article "The Urgency in Fighting Childhood Obesity" in the Well blog by Jane E. Brody.

Results from Julie's recently published paper "Childhood body mass index and height and risk of histologic subtypes of endometrial cancer" have been highlighted by (in Danish). Her work was also highlighted in The Copenhagen Post,


Results from Michael Cook's work on childhood BMI and cancer of the esophagus were described at a medical information website Healio/Gastroenterology


Results from our work that Jennifer presented at the Euroscience Open Forum were described in the Swedish media on SverigesRadio (in Swedish).


Julie's contributions to the recently published paper on "Childhood height and birth weight in relation to future prostate cancer risk: a cohort study based on the Copenhagen School Health Records Register" were highlighted by (Danish) and on (English).

Tina L. Berentzen's work on the paper "Body Mass Index in Childhood and Adult Risk of Primary Liver Cancer" was described in an article on (Danish) and on (English). These results were also reported by P3 (Danish radio).

Results from Julie's presentation titled "Childhood body mass index and height and the risk of endometrial cancer in women" at the 2013 European Congress on Obesity (Liverpool, England) were highlighted in the conference daily e-newsletter and were reported by the international media.


Jennifer gave a talk titled "Childhood body size and the risk of liver cancer in adulthood" at the European Congress on Obesity (Lyon, France), and the results were reported by online media sources.